Dolhun Clinic

Our Practice

Eduardo Dolhun, M.D.

The core values upon which Dolhun Clinic is based revolve around the belief that the interests of the patient come first.

Dr. Dolhun is passionate about providing his patients with continuous care in an integrated and comprehensive manner. He places great importance on technical excellence and compassionate patient care. His background reflects these values.

Dr. Dolhun lectures at Stanford University Medical School and has published in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals.

Marquette University

Medical School
Mayo Medical School

Internship and Residency
Family Medicine, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine

Faculty Development, UCSF
Primary Care Research, UCSF
Obstetrics, Stanford University/Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

John Cranshaw, M.D.

Dr. Cranshaw believes that care of the patient lies in caring for the patient. The best medical care requires a well-trained and experienced physician, as well as excellent communication between patient and physician. Dr. Cranshaw’s background reflects that belief.

Emory University

Stanford University

Medical School
Harvard Medical School

Internal Medicine Residency
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge City Hospital

Andrew Antes

Assistant to Dr. Dolhun and Care Coordinator

University of San Francisco

Pre-Medical Internship
Andrew's career goal is to become a physician. The Dolhun Clinic internship is a highly selective and rigorous program designed to prepare students for medical school and to become leaders in our profession.