Dolhun Clinic


Private Medicine

We believe that the doctor-patient relationship is essential to achieving and maintaining excellent health.  


Primary Care

We take an integrated approach to understanding you as an individual to focus on and address health risks, from cardiovascular disease and cancer to osteoporosis and depression.



Our approach to diagnosis is partnering with you to fully understand your symptoms, your story, whether simple or complex.



We aim to work with and refer you to the best specialist(s), whether in our building, UCSF, Stanford, or institutions like the Mayo Clinic.




Membership allows us to provide you with the time and attention required to efficiently and effectively care for you.  



Concierge Care

We aim to have same-day appointments for urgent problems and same-week appointments for general care.  We assist in coordinating and scheduling appointments with us and any other institution. 



Office Care

Our Pacific Heights clinic offers convenient access to specialists, labs, and imaging.



House Calls

House Calls have been an integral part of our practice for over 10 years.




We are out of network. All of our services can be submitted to any insurance, except for Medicare.